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15 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Adult Sites

How to get traffic to your adult sites? This is a common question on most of the adult webmaster boards. Today I saw this question on Digital Point forums and answered it there. So I thought it is fair to post on my blog so that you can read it here in case you don’t visit DP. So here is the list.

  1. Build galleries and submit to TGP
  2. Build movie galleries and submit them to TGP and MGP
  3. Build freesites and submit them to LinkLists
  4. Start a Blog
  5. Submit your blogs to Adult blog directories
  6. Submit your other sites to Adult directories
  7. Post the links to your sites and galleries to Link Dumps
  8. Join an active porn surfer forum and post free porn regularly.
  9. Use Toplists to get fresh traffic in-exchange for your existing traffic
  10. Watermark your site URL on short adult video clips and submit them to adult tube sites
  11. Start a free adult site (like a TGP) with lots of free porn
  12. Exchange links with other webmasters
  13. Start a directory and list all your sites there.
  14. Built niche portals to rule the niche.
  15. SEO – Search engine optimization to get traffic from Google, Yahoo etc.

Hope that helps.

En: Adult Webmaster — March 18, 2009

How to Start an Adult Blog

I am not sure about your experience level as an adult webmaster or as a blogger. So let me assume that you are not a newbie at both. That is, you know hot the adult affiliate programs work and you know what is blogging.

Building an adult blog is just like building a mainstream blog. Blogs have the SEO advantages due to the inbuilt ping feature and internal linking structure. More over if you use wordpress you have many plugins which will help you for SEO.

Unlike TGP (Thumbnail Gallery Posts) or MGP or TUBE site which depends upon large volume of traffic to make money, blogs aim at getting quality search engine traffic. If you have done TGP or gallery submissions you know that the typical conversion rate ranges anywhere from 1:500 to 1:5000. That is because most of the surfers are looking for free porn and they know how to get for free without paying a dime. Where as the search engine traffic will convert much better (for example 1:100 to 1:500). Your aim as a porn blogger is to get that search engine traffic, tease the surfer a bit and take him to the paysite (with your affiliate code of course) and make money. The key here is, not to give away too much free porn. That means never link to tons of free porn galleries from your blog. Show him a small 1 or 2 minutes video clip and tell them that the full video is inside the paysite membership area. Or show him couple of pictures and tell him that more pictures and videos are inside the paysite. If you can write stories, a sex story blog will work fantastic.
Unlike other type of sites blogs need to have text content to pull the search engine ranking as well as to keep the surfers coming back. But keep your post short (around 100-250 words) unless you are posting a erotic story.
And finally do not start a general porn blog. It is much easier to start a niche specific blog and succeed. 🙂

En: Adult Webmaster — February 16, 2009

How to Make Money with Adult Website

On one of the popular mainstream webmaster boards people often ask how do adult sites make money or how to monetize a free porn site. Guys (and Gals) there are lot of ways to make money in Adult industry. The problem is everyone is thinking of a starting a Tube site simply because they are hot now. Few years back it was TGP (Thumbnail Gallery Posts). But let me tell you a fact. Unless you know how the adult industry works you will never be able to successfully monetize an adult site. And this also means tube sites or TGP sites are not for newbies. Those are the game for experienced webmasters.  You need have a solid foundation to build an empire. You can’t build from top to bottom.

Couple of days back a fellow webmasters asked me the exact same question and answered him through private message. I thought I will post it here since many of you might find this useful.

Main methods of making money in adult industry.

  1. Start an adult site which offers free porn and sell sponsors’ paysite membership (affiliate programs)
  2. Start an adult site full of porn like a tube site or a TGP and sell the traffic. (CPM ads, Pay Per Click ads, sell ads to other webmasters etc)
  3. Start an AEN (AVS) site (AEN Site)
  4. Shoot your own porn and sell them to other adult webmasters
  5. Start your own paysite. ( Paysite)

You can also provide services to other adult webmasters like design and coding service and also webhosting service. (If you are a hot girl willing to cross the limits you can also become a pornstar. 😉 )

Out of these methods majority of the adult webmasters fall in the first category and that is the easiest and safest route. With the option one you need the lowest start-up cost. Perhaps there is no other business which you can start with such a low cost and really make a killing. All you need is a domain and a good hosting. Please you need your own domain (register at Namecheap) and a good adult hosting. No compromise on this.

Ok.. I will assume that you have decided go for the option no:1
You must always remember that the less free stuff you give away the more surfers will pay for membership sites. The more free porn you give the more surfers will come back to your site. So you need to find a balance. Give the surfers free stuff just enough to tease them and make them pay for premium content. Moreover unlike mainstream the porn surfers will not pay you if you keep feeding them with quality free stuff. They will just suck your bandwidth and never pay a dime.

With that in mind, when you start a new adult site try to be niche specific. With so much competition out there it would be very hard to succeed with a general porn site unless you have extensive SEO skills. So, choose a niche. Unlike mainstream there is money every adult niche. Some niches like “Teens” have more traffic but will have to face heavy competition. Micro niches like “midgets” have far less competition but the traffic is also comparatively less. So they will even out.
Once you choose a niche there are lot of adult sponsors in each niche. Some of the big sponsors like NastyDollars (RealityKings) are trusted sponsors. But every webmasters and his dog is promoting those sites. 😉 So surfers would have seen them many times. On the other hand if you go for a very unknown sponsor then you might get scammed. So when you chose a sponsor do a search for them on big adult webmaster boards.

What type of site to start?
If you are familiar with blogging, start an adult blog. Because blogs have SEO benefit.
Otherwise start a site with your main sponsor add on your index page and in subfolders you start building 4 page minisites which you can submit to linklists like (You must read the rules of linklists because 4 page freesites are special structure and rules). You also build galleries and submit them to sites like (again read his rules). These methods will bring you instant traffic from those sites and you can keep improving your sales text. This is the learning phase. I would also suggest you to read Netpond resources and join the Netpond forum (You will also get 5 cents for every post you make there). Once you have learned how to sell porn then you can concentrate on building site aimed at getting search engine traffic.

Finally focus on your work and be persistent. It took me 6 months for my first sale. Today I get sales almost everyday. 🙂

En: Adult Webmaster — December 3, 2008

How to Start an Adult Website

Last couple of months I have been active on Digital Point webmaster forum, especially the adult section. While DP doesn’t have a full fledged adult forum, I still like to stay there since I often find some good link exchanges or some good mainstream internet marketing tips. Recently many webmasters have asked me how to get into adult business and how to build adult websites. Many of these were through private messages and these webmasters are total newbies.
I have posted a simple 10 steps guide for anyone who are starting into adult sites at the forum. I thought you guys must be interested to read the same. So here it is.

1. Join an adult forum like Netpond.

2. Go to the newbie board and read every tutotial and learn the basics

3. Buy a domain name

4. Get a reliable hosting

5. Signup for few reputed adult sponsors who offers free content for affiliates.

6. Use the free content to build galleries and freesites. (4 page mini sites)

7. Submit galleries to TGPs and Freesites to LinkLists

8. Start a blog

9. When you start making money, reinvest in few more domains and good hosting.

10. Build.. submit.. forget. Build more submit more… and make more money.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

En: Adult Webmaster — February 29, 2008

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